The organizational scientist is largely a polisher of mirrors (Gergen & Thatchenkery, 2004)

The above quote crystallizes what this lab does not aspire to be. We do not see our role as merely holding a mirror to organizations and faithfully recording what it is that we see; rather, we seek to tell what it might become and open new alternatives for action. The 21st-century workplace is mostly designed around poverty wage employment, job and financial insecurity, exploitation, and unsafe working conditions; and our research on these topics can be a catalyst for social change to improve workers' livelihoods.

Our work draws inspiration from a diverse array of intellectuals, including Paulo Freire, Antonio Gramsci, the later Ludwig Wittgenstein, Thomas Kuhn, Ken Gergen, and Patricia Hill Collins. If these topics excite you, please get in touch! We'll be glad to explore ways in which we can collaborate.