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Graduate School Materials

Below is a collection of resources to help undergraduate students wanting to apply to research doctorates make sense of the process and what type of documents are required by graduate school. Please note that each graduate school has a set of idiosyncratic requirements (e.g., combined personal and research statement vs. two separate statements, length requirements, GRE requirements, etc.) so these resources are not a definitive guide.

Andrea's statement (I lost it, so I can't make it available šŸ˜­)

CUNY GC/Baruch PhD guidelines & Andrea's thoughts

How to get into grad school in I/O psychology - Dr. Richard Landers (this is part of a series of blog posts meant to cover the journey from sophomore year to first year of graduate school)

SIOP graduate programs directory

SIOP graduate school planning guide

SIOP resources for students

Dr. Paul Spector's blog post

Dr. Craig Rodriguez-Seija's annotated personal statement (this is geared towards clinical programs, but still useful)

Examples of personal/research statements (same as above; most statements refer to clinical and health programs)

Job Market Materials

The below documents were instrumental in landing a job my first year on the I-O psychology job market. However, I had a very different experience applying for business school jobs and landed only a few 1st-round interviews and no flyouts. These are tailored for the North American R1 tenure-track faculty job market; you will need to edit them heavily if you are aiming for other types of faculty positions (e.g., teaching intensive institutions, institutions in Europe or Asia.)

Cover letter

CV (September 2022)

Statement of research interests

Statement of teaching philosophy

Evidence of teaching effectiveness

DEI statement

Campus visit itineraries

Job talk slides

Startup request

Feel free to reach out with any questions! I wish you all the best on the market!

Tenure and Promotion Materials

I will share my T&P materials here as I progress on the tenure track. This information is very specific to my institution; for instance, I have to go through annual reappointments (as opposed to 3-year or 5-year appointments that are available at other colleges) and my tenure clock is seven years (as opposed to the more usual 5-year clock.)

2nd year reappointment - Automatic, no action needed

3rd year reappointment - Check back in Fall 2024!