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Research Methods

Brief description (from Baruch undergraduate catalog):

This course will familiarize students with major methodological approaches to the study of human behavior. Topics will include qualitative research, survey design, construct and experimental validity, experimentation, and research ethics. These topics will be introduced by way of several student-designed projects conducted over the course of the semester. Prerequisite: introductory psychology and statistics.

Brief description (from Baruch graduate catalog):

Research methods in the behavioral sciences, their implementation, and the relationship of modern concepts of research design and measurement applied to a business framework.

Both are 16-week, in-person classes.

Intro to I-O Psychology

Brief description (adapted from Baruch College undergraduate catalog):

The applications of psychology to the individual as an employee in their relationships with the employer are considered. The experimental findings in the field are reviewed with the intent of developing a scientific attitude toward such problems as employee morale, incentives, the psychology of advertising and selling, training, and job analysis. Prerequisite: Introductory psychology.

This is a 5-week online asynchronous class.

Organizational Psychology

Brief description (adapted from WSU undergraduate catalog):

Employee motivation, satisfaction, and commitment; organizational communication; leadership; group behavior, teams and conflict; organizational change and development. Prerequisite: Introductory psychology.

This is a 16-week online asynchronous class.

Diversity in Organizations

Brief description (adapted from WSU undergraduate catalog):

Psychology applied to cultural diversity in organizations; interpersonal and intergroup relationships; diversity training; EEO legislation and affirmative action. Prerequisite: Introductory psychology.

This is a 12-week online asynchronous class.